How to immigrate to Australia for business investment

If you are an entrepreneur with certain assets, you can obtain immigration status through the 188 visa.

Main application conditions:

✅ Have certain assets

✅ Have plans to do business or invest in Australia

The 188 visa is also divided into a5 categories,澳洲技術移民 and the details of each category, asset limits, and other qualifications will be affected by its regulations.

Spouse immigration

If a spouse or partner is a citizen of the Australian society, the spouse can also be used as a guarantor to apply for an immigration visa for the spouse.

Main application conditions:

✅ Both parties must be over 18 years old

Have a legally recognized marriage relationship, or have lived together for more than 12 months.

✅ Healthy and no criminal record

The temporary spouse visa period is 2 years. If you still maintain your marital relationship after 2 years, you can apply for a permanent residence visa.

Dependent immigration

If the child is an Australian citizen, he or she can act as a guarantor for the parents to apply for in-law immigration.

Main application conditions:

The child is a permanent resident, Australian or New Zealand citizen residing in Australia

✅ proof of sufficient funds

✅ Healthy and no criminal record

In addition, there are 870 temporary visas for parents, 103 parents lined up, and 143 paying parents, who can apply according to their own conditions and needs.

Skilled immigration (study immigration)

The immigrants in the first few items need to be guaranteed by others, or certain assets are eligible for Chinese immigration. In contrast, skilled immigrants are relatively easy to apply, and the key to success lies in their own rich education, experience, English scores, age, etc., as long as they meet the eligibility requirements.

Main application conditions:

✅ Between 18 and 45 years old

✅ IELTS score needs to get 4 6

✅ Occupation needs to be on the MLTSSL list and meet the requirements of the occupational assessment agency

✅ Need to be invited by EOI, and the EOI score needs to reach 65 points

This is a permanent visa. You can settle anywhere in Australia, study, work and enjoy medical benefits in Australia.

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